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If you´re looking for a professional vocalist, lyricist, topline writer and producer you can contact with NT Martin here 

NT Martin works as an experienced writer, performer and recorder of professional lead and backing vocals on several projects all over the world.

Audio samples

NT Martin english reel

   Singer reel in English

NT Martin spanish reel

   Singer reel in Spanish

NT Martin songs

   Songwriter reel



Read what other clients said about NT Martin 


Martin is as talented as it can be. Great interpretation and emotion in a difficult song that he nailed like a pro he is! Prompt delivery, constant feedback and enormous talent. Can't go wrong with him!


Absolutely the best singer i have ever collaborate with.  We've created an amazing track together and he still worked with a very professional approach, highly recommended.
And he is very talented!

Michael D. 

Music is feeling in all forms, with different elements & character.
NT puts all these important factors together very professionally in each song he sings and produces !! NT is detailed oriented in every production. NT is a 1st Class gentleman & a 1st Class recording Artist.


Amazing Singer and a lovely personality, had a great time working on a Techno project with him very open minded about new things! you wont regret!

Ed M.

NT delivered a fantastic, contemporary lead vocal for my song demo, along with rich backing vocal harmonies. He was extremely professional, researching the target artist to create the right sound, and turning around the project very quickly. While an excellent singer, NT also has a great ear for styles, and impressive studio engineering skills.


I had already run several jobs on Soundbetter, but I could not be happier with my experience with NT.
Fantastic singing and performance. Very easy communication, patient and detailed oriented.
There were some improvements needed in the songwriting part in the middle of the job and he was lot helpfull to get the best possible result. Thanks NT!

Dennis M. 

2nd time with NT, it was still amazing. This guy never disappoints. In fact he took a even harder song of mine and was able to still make it fly. The key of the song is not an easy one but he still gave his best and I was surprised with the product. The talent of NT is beyond words, his vocals, background vocals, ad libs, and extra little things he explains to me and that he puts in the project, is more than enough reason to work with him. I do not want to know about any other singers, just NT.


NT is an incredibly talented singer, mixer, and mastering engineer. He truly takes his time with every individual project and makes sure your final product is exactly as envisioned, but better. He is skillful in understanding my unique needs from project to project, regardless of how different they are. I 100% recommend his services!


Available for: Vocal Session work, Lyrics, Topline writing, Songwriting, Full Instrumental Productions,
YouTube recordings, Mix and Mastering.  Both in English and Spanish
(check my Spanish reel if you are looking for a true latin vibe!)

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